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Newcastle’s children contact services & supervision.

Rekonnect is a privately owned and operated Children’s Contact Service provider servicing the Hunter Valley and Central Coast areas. Rekonnect focuses on assisting with building meaningful family relationships and bonds by utilizing best practice procedures. Our services support people to engage in meaningful and productive activities which strengthen the community and provides a sense of belonging and participation to all. We recognise the significant value of both parents presence in a child’s life and focus on restoring, improving and strengthening the bond with the visiting parent (non-custodial parent). Our primary focus is the safety, well-being and needs of the children and access will be held in accordance with the court order, and within a neutral, non-threatening location.

ReKonnect aims to provide a safe, family friendly, natural environment in which children, parents and family can interact and bond. Unlike most centres, access with ReKonnect is held in non-sterile, natural environments including venues such as parks and play centres. This environment will promote healthy connections and assist with a smooth transition to independent management of contact. It is important to remember that the aim of a Contact Service is to assist families into independant management of access, and Rekonnect focus on this and assist both parties in attaining this goal.

The advantage of using a Contact Service is to minimise the risk to the children being caught in the middle of disagreements and ensuring contact is appropriate and not detrimental to the childrens sense of safety and well-being.

Rekonnect is set to revolutionise family access by providing services based on extensive evidence-based practices. Children are more likely to feel comfortable doing activities that they love, in places that are familiar to them, which is why Rekonnect conduct Contact in child-friendly, public locations.

No Waiting Lists

Rekonnect understand the importance of children being able to spend time with their families uninterrupted, which is why we aim to ensure we can meet your requirements as soon as possible (allowing time for intake). Our service can also be utilised while you are placed on a waiting list with another provider. Ensuring that bond is never broken between parent and child we will interview each of the parties and arrange for the first access as soon as deemed necessary. Contact Us today to register your interest.

Family Friendly Environment

Unlike most supervision, access with Rekonnect is facilitated in a family friendly environment, which will assist with the visitation feeling safe, comfortable and most of all FUN for the children. Research suggests that the most successful way to interact with a child is with “play therapy”, so we feel that by visiting the park, spending some time at the play centre, having a few games of ten pin or cooling off at the local pool will assist with really connecting with your children. All contact is within eye sight and hearing distance of the supervisor at ALL times and each case will be assessed for location suitability. All access will be held in accordance with the Court Orders, and clear and concise guidelines will be supplied (and signed off on) prior to the first appointment.


At Rekonnect we recognise that the children are the client, and their safety and well-being is number one priority. We believe that the best access occurs when the child feels like they are in control and it is on their terms (circumstances dependant). It is important that the children trust the Supervisor and know that the Supervisor is there for their safety, well-being and comfort. Rekonnect focuses on ensuring the child’s trust and ensuring they don’t feel like this is another adult who is going to tell me what to do and not listen to me. Rekonnect will suggest and prompt inclusive activities which boosts the interaction between child/ren and parent/carer and encourage positive conversations.

Professional, Caring Staff

All supervision carried out by Rekonnect will be completed by a highly skilled professional staff member who not only possess a Working with Children Check and current First Aid Certification but has experience caring for children with high needs and dealing with high conflict situations. You will deal with someone who has a genuine passion to help people while remaining independent. Rekonnect can offer referrals to external agencies for additional support if required/desired.