Feedback About Our Services

My family used ReKonnect’s services on 9 occasions. I found their service to be friendly and professional at all times. Gabby was an excellent field supervisor who made me and my children feel very comfortable and was uninstructive during our visits together. ReKonnect was flexible and understanding with their times and locations, and made appropriate recommendations and suggestions for unforeseen situations. ReKonnect’s supervision reports where invaluable during in our Family Court matter.
If necessary I would use ReKonnect’s services again and would recommend them to anyone to use.

Visiting Father,
Son and Daughter

I would like to personally thank you for looking after *daughter and providing a safe service that I had full confidence in and that *daughter felt so comfortable in that she would always ask mae “will we be seeing Crystal today?” whenever I told her we were having a visit with Mum.

Custodial Father,
3 year old daughter

Prior to knowing about ReKonnect I was concerned worried and hesitant to be a client of ReKonnect or any visitation service.
As a Dad it was an extremely difficult acceptance process for me to be a client of ReKonnect. Within the first 15 minutes of the first visitation my concerns and stress was put to ease. I could see the relationship that my daughter had quickly built with Crystal and felt an immediate comfort with Crystal more so the feelings between my daughter Crystal and I felt like we had known each other for months.
I was amazed how much focus was put towards my daughter and making sure that she felt that she was in an environment of safety and care .
Crystal and her team enabled me to spend invaluable time with my daughter in environments that were natural and consistent with places we had previously visited prior to the visitation orders I truly believe had it not been for the high level of understanding and professionalism during my visitation I would’ve struggled.
Crystal and Kerry bring a genuine care and understanding to the visitation process that I firmly believe is second to none.
What separates ReKonnect from other visitation services is that ReKonnect focus on your child/children well-being and safety and ensures that the time you spend with your child is as natural as it would be without being supervised -This to me is priceless Thank you ReKonnect for being the service you are.

Visiting Father,
3 year old daughter

I was initially apprehensive about having supervised time with my son before our first visit.. but upon meeting Crystal all the apprehension immediately vanished, I felt like she was able to understand and empathise with the situation all parties involved were in, and I was able to reconnect and be reintroduced to my boy, after being estranged from him for most of his life, in a non-judgmental, safe and natural environment. *Son and I were able to participate in a range of different activities such as hanging at the park, at the pool and at the beach and going for walks where I was able to interact with *son and allowed to be his parent in a range of different everyday activities, as a result we had a lot of fun together and formed a strong bond. I found Crystal and Lana to be there for the best interests of *son, which helped to put my mind and ease and allowed me to be able to enjoy our time together. I have no doubt that without these guys *son and I’s relationship would not be as strong as it is today! I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending ReKonnect to any other parents in the same situation.

Visiting Father,
7 month old son

Crystal is one of a kind. Instead of being the stranger in the corner watching and taking notes she made an effort to engage with the children, and turned an awkward and difficult situation completely natural and comfortable for both myself and my kids. She was flexible with times and very understanding. I would highly recommend Crystal to anyone who needs to be with their kids; to cherish those moments when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to on your own.

Visiting Mother, 1 son (5yrs) and
2 special needs daughters (9 & 4)

I would like to start by saying that I highly recommend Rekonnect. They are a very professional and caring company. Crystal and Kerry from Rekonnect are absolutely lovely, and their personal caring approach towards supervision made the difficult transition to supervision for my son and I very easy and enjoyable. Furthermore, their priority to always ensure that the wellbeing for my son and I to always be safe, happy and supported, really assisted in helping my son and I to stay connected and maintain a good father, son relationship.
Lastly, Rekonnect’s flexible approach to supervision made visits with my son and I enjoyable, and all visits felt natural. From a personal perspective, Crystal and Kerry’s guidance was always so helpful, constructive, and they helped me immensely with being able to navigate through this difficult process. I can’t thank them enough, and I really wish the Rekonnect business, Crystal and Kerry all the very best for the future.

Visiting Father,
10 yr old son

I was referred to Crystal Hunter over 12 months ago to reconnect with my young daughter during a difficult time, after 8 months of not seeing each other, Crystal, while being a neutral party, was able to bring us together, developed a trust with my daughter (and me in turn) which made her/us comfortable enough to be able to concentrate on just being her, being a kid and getting to know her Daddy again…. Her reliability, punctuality and dedication to my daughter and her needs was faultless…. Thank you Crystal

Visiting Father,
3 yr old daughter