Frequently Asked Questions

Supervised contact is a situation where the non-custodial parent has contact or visitation with the child /children under the supervision of another person in accordance to court orders or mediation agreement. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the child’s safety and best interests are protected whilst on a contact visitation with the parent or other person. Rekonnect is an independent third party whose supervisors are highly qualified and skilled professionals.

This is where the provision of a supervisor is required to arrange for a hassle free hand over and hand back of the child /children between parents or another person due to a high conflict situation or court requirements.

Rekonnect does not have a current waiting list. Rekonnect is able to facilitate contact upon the completion of the “intake” process. Usually within 2-7 days after the intake process. Although there’s no current waiting lists or periods, the availability of certain times / days of visitation maybe subjective to child’s age / routine (school / sports & activities) or Rekonnect’s availability with supervision staff. Rekonnect attempt to ensure visitation times / days is suitable for all parties involved.

Please either complete an enquiry email on the website or alternatively contact Rekonnect by phone. We will endeavour to return our intake and application form as soon as operationally possible (usually within 24 hours). This intake form will be forwarded and is required to be completed by both parties and returned to Rekonnect along with the intake fee (please refer to our schedule of fees). When both the forms and fees have been received by Rekonnect we will contact both parties to make arrangements for a suitable time to undertake a 30 minute phone intake interview. This process helps us to gain a better understanding into the history and background as well as to assess any potential risks to both the child or staff. Ultimately this process assists our supervisors to best prepare for the first visit and suitable locations in an effort for a positive initial contact. At the completion of the intake interview arrangements are made for the first contact.

During the consult and intake process Rekonnect gathers a concise background history to identify any specific issues which may affect the child. During this intake assessment if you have any concerns about your child’s safety during the contact visits please inform us before any contact visit occurs. The highly trained supervisor is aware of all the safety measures that may be needed and will enforce when necessary. The supervisor is in sight and hearing range of the child /children and parent at all times. The child’s toileting needs are the responsibility of the supervisor. In the case of 2 or more children present at a contact visit both children must go to the toilet area irrespective if they need to go or not. No child is ever left with the parent. Normally a “safe word” or “signal” is arranged between the supervisor and the child in the “familiarisation” process so the child can feel comfortable and safe at all times.
Please note, if Rekonnect determines the case to be of high risk another supervisor will be mandatory at the cost of the parties.

Rekonnect’s aim is to facilitate a safe and happy supervised contact visit comprising of positive interactions between the parent and child /children in order for positive progression in their relationship. The contact visit location should be a child friendly and age appropriate venue to encourage play and meeting of the child’s interests. The supervisor is an impartial third party. All observations on the contact visit will be documented in a comprehensive contact visit report that can be purchased by either parent or requested as a subpoena by solicitor as evidence in future court proceedings.
If the supervisor identifies any inappropriate behaviours or actions he/she may caution or ultimately terminate the contact visit immediately without a refund.

This is an important component to the process. Appear positive at all times. Talk to your child in plain simple words. Inform the child that they will be spending time with their parent / family member at the agreed location that is a safe and friendly place. It is highly recommended if appropriate to take the child there prior to the contact visit for familiarisation. Tell the child the Rekonnect supervisor will be present at all times to keep them safe and supported. A familiarisation or pre-visit meeting with the supervisor will usually be arranged prior to contact visit taking place.
It is imperative your child knows who they are going to see, for how long, what they might do and who will be collecting them from the contact visit to take them home.

Supervised contact is often short term as the parent / child relationship improves and progresses with this service. On some occasions supervision continues for an extended period. Ultimately this is the courts decision and if supervised contact visits / changeovers have been court ordered these will continue until the court decides otherwise at the hearing. Any questions or concerns regarding this matter should be addressed to your lawyer / solicitor.

Please remember Rekonnect supervisors are purely an independent third-party and are only there to assist with the progression of child and non-custodial / family members relationship.

Rekonnect respects and maintains the personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, school and any other information of the child and families. However, there are legal limitations applicable to the Supervisor which include;

1. Where there is suspicion of abuse, in any form including child abuse

2. A disclosure of intent to harm self or others

3. Where a criminal offence is committed or information relating to a criminal matter is disclosed.

4. When a parent requests a transfer to another facility

5. When a subpoena is issued

Rekonnect supervisors are impartial. Their primary focus is on the child’s safety and well-being not the dispute of the parents or other family members.

Rekonnect’s services and fee(s) may be the responsibility of one or shared between both parents. This is dependent upon the court orders or parent agreement.
Please refer to our current schedule of fees.